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Trading Tricks is a Casual card game about collecting the most Treats and Tricking your opponents.

Trading Tricks is set up for groups of 4-5 players however can be played with any number of players by increasing or decreasing cards as you like. 4-5 Players just needs a standard deck of 52 cards. 

In Trading Tricks, players go Trick or Treating at 4 houses. At each house players collect either candy or Tricks which are then traded around the group, with players aiming to collect sets of candy and trade away any negative Tricks.

The game takes place within 3 phases.

 Guising phase: where players pick up 2 cards

Trade Phase: where players bluff ,lie and trade to gain as much candy (preferably as part of the same set) as possible and trade away as much nasty tricks as they can.

Event Phase: Traded cards are revealed and all none saveable trick cards are played, resulting in chaos.

After 4 sets of the phase rotation, points are tallied up and a winner declared.


Trading Tricks Rules [Character Update] 22 kB

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